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Patsy Geary's


A tune that can be found on Mick O'Brien's May Morning Dew CD.

Patsy Geary's

Patsy Geary's

Part 1

      Broll+cut C A A G E G
      D G A G G B d e c A A B c
      Broll+cut c A A G E G
      A B c d e c A G E D D

Part 2

{F G}  Aroll+cut B A G E D D
       E D E G c A G E D D E G
       Aroll+cut B A G E D D 
       A B c d e c A G E D D
c = Cnat

This tune is also known as "The Horseshoe", a name given to it by Breandan Breathnach when including it in Ceol Rince na hEireann as tune No 52 as John Kelly had no name for it, and that was the name of John Kelly's shop in Capel Street, Dublin.

There are other tunes known as Patsy Geary's --- this one does not appear to be that commonly known under that name. The Bothy Band's Patsy Geary's jig is rather more commonly heard.

Pipers seem to like this tune --- the only two albums I know which have it on are by pipers, and the sole recording I could find on YouTube was done on pipes. Which is strange, since Patsy Geary was a fidder, and it came to Breandan Breathnach via the fiddler John Kelly.