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Headwood Crossing

Jig in G (Cnat)

Also known as Liam O'Connor's, this jig is composed by Patrick Davey, the uilleann pipe and flute player from the group Craobh Rua. Apparantly it is named for a railway feature on a line in County Antrim, and is often paired with "Inver Bank" for a set known as "The Narrow Gauge Jigs".

Headwood Crossing

Headwood Crossing - Jig in G, Patrick Davey tune

Part 1

	c G E G~ A G E G
	A B c G E G~ A~ d c B c G E G~ A G E G
	B c d e g e d e a a g e d

Part 2

        c d e g e d e a a g e d
        c d e g e d e c A A G E
        c d e g e d e a a g e g
        a-    g e d e a a g e d   (c)

Edel Fox is listed as a production assistant in the closing credits. Which although it's in no way related to Headwood Crossing seems a good enough excuse to add a link to her marvellous playing: