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Recordings of Tunes

This page contains previous whistle lesson tunes.

See also the recent whistle lesson tune page and the accordion tune page. Information on the requiremnts to play the tunes and how to download them are detailed there.

You can also find all the tunes under their specific rhythm type: jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, slides, marches, barndances and mazurkas.

The tunes

Brian McNamara jig

Brian McNamara jig, probably Under the Willow She is Sleeping

Tommy Peoples' (aka The MilkMaid; tune ID 3012)

A reel whose identity took a while to track down...

Tripping up the Stairs

Tripping up the Stairs (jig)

40 Pound Float

40 Pound Float (polka)

The Silver Spear

The Silver Spear (reel)

I Will if I Can

I Will if I Can (jig) - Played normally, then slowed down by 60%, then 40, then 20 then 10%

The Kesh

The Kesh (jig)


Dinni's (slide)

Maggie in the Woods

Maggie in the Woods (polka)

Rattlin' Bog

Rattlin' Bog (polka)

Out on the Ocean

Out on the Ocean recorded on 11-Nov-09 as it's on list for Xmas Lights Switchon

Barn Dance

Inchiquin (?) Barn Dance, covered in lesson 17-Jun-09

Boys of Bluehill

Boys of Bluehill (hornpipe) from lesson of 03-Jun-09

Maid Behind the Bar

Maid Behind the Bar (Grace). Still to be tidied up - skip first 5 seconds.

Dingle Regatta

Dingle Regatta, at normal speed, then slowed down by 60, 40, 20 and finally 10%

Egan's Polka

Egan's Polka (one speed only)

Father Kelly's

Father Kelly's, at normal speed, then slowed down by 60, 40, 20 and finally 10%

Off to California

Off to California, at normal speed, then slowed down by 40 and 20%

Roddy McCorley

Roddy McCorley (one speed only)

Shoe the Donkey

Shoe the Donkey, at normal speed then slowed down by 25 and 33%