Lesson Tunes

Tune Learning Resources

Firstly, there's a page with recordings of Grace and Bryony playing some of the tunes covered in the lessons. They're not broken down in phrases like they are in the lessons, and it's not a full listing of all the tunes covered, but I've slowed (some of) them down and so whilst challenging to learn from as a beginner, it's not a completely impossible task. It just takes much (much, much) longer than you think it should! But it is worth it.

Then there's another page with recordings of Ethna playing some tunes on the accordion. Like the whistle tunes, they are not broken down into phrases but are usually played slowly and are there to back up tunes being taught at the Rathmore.

The lesson tunes on the pages above are also organised into separate jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, slides, marches, barndances and mazurkas pages.

PDF of the Index of Lesson Tunes (aka the "cheatsheet" - has incipit for each tune). (Has not been updated in a while...)

The "full" tunes booklet is a work in progress but may be of interest.

The tune book is ONLY for reference; you shouldn't learn a tune from a written representation of it. To help catch up on tunes, and avoid the temptation of using the tune book to read a tune from whilst playing it, here's a collection of audio and video versions of the tunes covered.

Additionally, there are numerous resources on the internet that are of use for supporting the learning at the Rathmore

Ryan Duns has a number of lessons on YouTube - but with less than useful titles such as "Tin whistle Lesson 8". Here's an index making it easier to find the lesson and/or tune you want for a repeat viewing.

And here are some examples of various people on the internet playing the tunes:


Off to California

Ryan Duns:


The Kesh and Dingle Regatta can be found on the jigs page.



Silver Spear and Father Kelly's can be found on the reels page.