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Ravelled Hank of Yarn and Patsy Geary's

Reel and jig

Two tunes we've covered recently are The Ravelled Hank of Yarn and Patsy Geary's. I've also (finally I hear you say?) updated the Headwood Crossing page so it has the notes for the 2nd part and some YouTube links.

Headwood Crossing (a.k.a. Liam O'Connor's)

It seems like a more common name for the tune taught on Wednesday, that given by the composer, is Headwood Crossing. The recording and notes for the first part are now up.

Liam O'Connor's


At least I think this is the name of the jig we started on Wednesday. I'll get a page with the recording and notes for the first part put up by tomorrow.

The Centenary March


You can listen to a recording of Ethna on the accordion to help you learn this nice little march. I'll *cough* try and put the notes up here if it helps.

Bill Malley's Barndance


Another tune played on the accordion for you to listen to and learn.

The Mouse in the Kitchen


And back to the regularly scheduled programme - a whistle tune lesson. In the lesson recording Grace has nicely changed one part to avoid those pesky Gsharps.

The Merry Blacksmith


A common reel (gulp) reviewed on the 11th May. I'll get a recording up sometime... honest

The Battering Ram


A three part jig which we've covered in the lessons and which I do have a recording of somewhere around ... if only I can find it I'll get it uploaded...

The Piper's Despair


Here's a recording of the tune we started on Wednesday.

The Connaught Heifers


We've started "The Connaught Heifers, a single reel. The lesson recording is available.

The notes for this and the 2nd part of The First Pint will make it here, eventually!

The First Pint


Last week we started "The Firt Pint". I've finally uploaded the recording of Grace playing it.

Part 1

	d A B d A B d f e- d  ~B3  e d e  f g a g f e
	d A B d A B d f e- d  ~B3  e d B A F E D

Part 2

Added notes to Part 2 to Humours of Glendart covered on Wednesday (see below).

Humours of Glendart


The tune started this week is also known as "East at Glendart". A recording for learning it is available.

Part 1

	A B A F A F D   F E F E D F A
	B A F A F D     F E E E
	A B A F A F D F E F D
	F A d c B A F E F D D

Part 2

     A  B A F  A F D    F E F E D F A
        B A F  A F D    F E E E
     A  B A F  A F D    F E F D
        F A d  c B A    F E F  D D D

Random factoid: The tune is in the wedding scene in the latest Harry Potter. Another reason to see the movie.

Oops. Ten months since the last update. I'll attempt to fill out the tunes learnt so far this year later, but for now here's the latest.

Donald Blue


We've started learning a Shetland reel called "Donald Blue"; I've uploaded a recording.

Part 1

	d B  A F A   F A d B A F E F D
	d B  A F A   F A B B  A B

Part 2

	d B  A B d e f a a
	f g- f g e d B d
	A B  d e f d e d  B B  A B

Last Wednesday we learnt both parts of Lucy Farr's Barndance. I'll upload the recording of Grace playing it in a few days but in the meantime here's the notes and a version from YouTube.

Lucy Farr's

Barndance Cnat

Part 1

   G G G  A B G E D  B B B C d B A
   B C d  B G  G A B G E D
   D E G  A B  d d B A G G

Part 2

   B C d  B G  G A B  G E D
   D E G  A B  d d B  B A A

   B C d  B G  G A B  G E D
   D E G  A B  d d B  A G G 

Lucy Farr was a fiddle player involved in Comhaltas in London.

With a week off over Christmas, I have a bit of time to finally bring this up to date, as it's been running a bit behind over the past few months.

I have updated the tune book, and instead of a weekly update, here's a recap of what was covered in the lessons from September to December.

New Tunes Learnt

  • 40 Pound Float - polka
  • Merry Blacksmith (1st half only) - Reel
  • Tripping Up the stairs - Jig
  • Tommy Peoples' reel (aka The Milkmaid)
  • Out in the Ocean - jig
  • The Brian McNamara Jig (Under the Willow She is Sleeping)
  • Cuckoo's Nest (1st part) - Hornpipe

Slightly behind on updating this ... Here's the notes for the tune taught on Wed 9th Dec.

Cuckoo's Nest

Hornpipe Cnat

Part 1

      B B A G B d g f d c B c e d c B B G F G A B c A A G A
d c   B B A G B d g f d c B C e d c B d A G F G A c B G G

NOTE: ABC-ish notation, so lower case notes are upper octaves.

Online is slower than old paper copies: official. I've just updated the tunebook available for download to the current one I gave out on Wednesday. It's got Boys of Bluehill in it, but not the Barn Dance. Doesn't have the next tune in either yet, sorry. (Still working on those psychic powers ;-).)

In yesterday's lesson we covered a barn dance. Bryony did play it again at the end so I could record it, but the gremlins got in the way so I don't have it to upload, but now have a recording to share. (I'm working my way through the ways to not record things. Not plugging in the mic? Check. Verifying the level meters are okay but then forgetting to actually hit record? Check.). And I don't know the full name so can't provide a link to some other online source of it. But if you weren't there, here are the notes. It's probably called the Inchiquin Barn Dance.

Part 1

F A F A F   G B G B G
F A F A F   B C d A G F D

Part 2

d f d C A B e e d C A
d f d C A B C d A G F D

Note: This isn't the full second part. That is to be covered next week.

Covered the 2nd part of "Boys of Bluehill".

This hasn't yet been added to the tunebook, but in the meantime here are the notes in plain ascii format... instead of doing bars over the notes for the higher octave I've written them in lower case.

Part 1

A A B A F A D    F A B A B C d e
d e f a a f e    g f e d f e d B
d B B A F A D    F A B A B C d e
d e f a a f e    g f e d d C d

Part 2

f g a f d f a    g f e f g a b
a g f a a f e    g f e d f e d B
d B B A F A D    F A B A B C d e
d e f a a f e    g f e d d C d

E&OE ...

This Wednesday's lesson tune was the first part of "Boys of Bluehill". I've uploaded a recording of that for practice, as well as one of Maid Behind the Bar

This is a slightly improved placeholder. You currently can download the (work in progress, last update 22-Apr-09) tunes booklet

I'm also making a "cheatsheet" which indexes the names of the tunes being learnt along with an incipit (first few notes) as an aid to remembering how a tune starts.

A collection of links to videos and audio clips of some of the tunes being learnt @ CC can be found at the Lesson Tunes page (this includes recordings of Bryony playing some of the tunes).

Also avaliable are a few recordings of ITM @ Ennis